SaversPlanet Flame Screensaver

SaversPlanet Flame Screensaver

Fantastic flame screensaver by saversplanet!

Do you enjoy watching fire?
Would you like to have a nice fireplace at home?
SaversPlanet Flame Screensaver brings the fiery element to your desktop.

This screensaver will allow you to enjoy the warmth of a fireplace at home or office any time you want.
You will see how the flames start to grow until they reach a raging fire right in front of you.
The manufacturer states that it is the most realistic fire ever seen.
However, I tried it on three different computers and, in my opinion, there are many fire screensavers that look lots better.
At first I thought that maybe my PC wasn't powerful enough, but after I tried it in other computers I concluded that it looks very pixelized to me.

It is a shame, since you can tell that the effect of the flames growing until they reach their peak could really be great.
Anyway, maybe you could download it and try it in your own computer
Maybe mine lacks something important, but then, it will probably look the same in several computers.

If you get it to work properly, it is a screensaver that you will really enjoy.

Fernando Soni
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  • Nice and relaxing


  • Maybe too demanding on your PC?
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